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The imperial wine of Château La Moutte and Ultimum: the quitessence of the terroirs and the savoir-faire of TORPEZ.


Pure Tradition

The wines faithful to the tradition and to the tropezien spirit, the authentic and festive wines for your moments of relaxation and celebrations.


Our signature:
the magic of Saint-Tropez

At aperitif time, head to head, with friends, with family, in summer and winter, in Saint-Tropez and around the world, around an exotic dish, on a table in a large restaurant, at the occasion of a daily or festive meal, married to the cuisine of Provence… each tasting of a TORPEZ wine is an opportunity to share a little of the magic and art of living of our mythical village of Saint Tropez.

The palette of
tropezian lifestyle

Red, white, rosé, fine bubbles, TORPEZ wines offer a whole range of colors and unique aromas to accompany moments of conviviality, seduction or culinary discovery. They are an invitation to share, to experience, which everyone will realize as they please according to their desires. TORPEZ wines are both simple and generous, tender and pleasant, suitable for Mediterranean gastronomy or elsewhere, for festive moments of relaxation “on the sun side” or “on the beach side”.