Unique geographical location


An island-like territory

Torpez wines benefit from a unique geographical location, between the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Massif des Maures mountains. Here, the bedrock is one of the most metamorphic of its kind along the coast. Over 500 million years ago, the rise of magma and the explosion of lava and ash on the surface resulted in the formation of granite and micaschist rocks. These crystalline rocks account for the minerality and balance of Torpez wines. Meanwhile, the hot and dry Mediterranean climate is moderated by Mediterranean Sea breezes.

Many small vine plots reminiscent of “gardens”

The landscapes beyond the Saint-Tropez village and port of are truly spectacular. The surrounding hills rise majestically from the sea, and are brimming with fields, vineyards and olive groves…
Nearly one hundred hectares of vines are spread over 200 separate plots in the village of Saint-Tropez, reminiscent of a garden of vines. These small plots of vines are surrounded by umbrella pines, olive trees, almond trees, fig trees, among others.

An outstanding natural landscape

The many small plots of vines are bordered by trees and woodland, with the gulf of Saint-Tropez in the distance, offering a diverse patchwork of remarkable landscapes.
Situated atop a more or less hilly terrain, these natural areas are the ideal hideout for a wealth of flora and fauna. Certain sites, such as La Plage des Salins and Château de la Moutte, are protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral coastal protection agency. Signature Torpez wines epitomise the richness and diversity of this natural landscape.

Hand-picked grapes in the cool of the morning

At Torpez in Saint-Tropez, the grapes are hand-picked early in the morning to preserve freshness.
They are then placed in boxes and transported to the cellar, where they are stored in a cold room for one to two days. This helps create homogeneous batches, sorted by grape variety and terroir, with similar soil/sub-soils and micro-climates.
Yields are naturally limited to 30-35 hL/ha (4-4.5 t/ha) due to the shallow, stony soils and crystalline rock subsoils.

Patience and precision winemaking

TORPEZ wines are the epitome of elegance, generosity, and balance, while also reflecting the diversity and natural beauty of the Saint-Tropez terroir.
After several weeks of maceration and alcoholic fermentation in vat, the red free run wine and press wine are separated and transferred into barrels or oak vats (equivalent to several barrels). The wines are aged with patience and precision for 12 to 24 months, depending on their ageing potential.