Vineyard & Production


Our vineyard:
a garden of vines

TORPEZ is the brand of an exceptional jewel vineyard located in the heart of the timeless and light village on the cape of Saint-Tropez.
TORPEZ wines are the fruit of this singular vineyard. A veritable “garden of vines” in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez and encircling the old country houses, modern villas with contemporary architecture and overlooking beaches and shores. With respect for the environment, we cultivate almost 200 hectares of vines.

Our nature:
greatness and generosity

In the background, the incredible landscapes, of a striking beauty, offer our brand, TORPEZ, this characteristic and unique Tropezian cachet, between the land of Provence and the Mediterranean Sea. Our climate is conducive to the creation of wines of excellence. The exceptional sunshine and the influence of the sea favor optimal ripening of the clusters by bursting them with sun and sea scent. The soil of Saint-Tropez is one of the oldest massifs in France. It is made up of crystalline and granitic rocks which give richness and balance to the wines.

Our savoir-faire:
respect and precision

Throughout the year our winegrowers carefully maintain and care for the vines. We carry out a precise selection in the vineyard and plot vinifications allowing to respect the origin, the traceability of the grapes with a perfect knowledge of the fruits of our vineyard gardens. Our methods and the choice of grape varieties also allow us to preserve the natural balance of each plot of vine in the Saint Tropez peninsula so that our white, rosé and red wines naturally give the best of themselves.

Our requirement from picking to the press

We pick the majority of the grapes from our plots by hand with the utmost care, then they are gathered in baskets and pressed in our cellar in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez, a few steps from the harvest site. Our ultra-modern facilities allow controlled pressing. The grain pressing operation is very delicate, our juices and especially for rosé wines, must retain a clear color and clarity.

The art of
tasting and blending

Our different wines have their own personalities that Alain Guichet our oenologist is keen to let express or temper. At the time of winemaking, all the diversity and richness of the grapes is expressed. Each of our tanks is tasted every day by our team, then analyzed by family of aromas, by type of flavor and temperament. Our tasters note the observations which are recorded and discussed. So day after day, the vats are tasted and accompanied. The wines continue their evolution to reach the full revelation of personalities.