History & Passion


Our name:
loyalty to our history

Inscribed on each of our bottles, “TORPEZ”, testifies to an exceptional destiny. The rare bond which unites a man, TORPEZ, with the inhabitants of our village. TORPEZ, Patron Saint and protector of our village is a brilliant officer at the time of the Roman Emperor Nero.
Christian martyr, his body is thrown in Pisa in a boat that ran aground on our shore in the year 68 AD.

Our identity :
homage to the Patron Saint

TORPEZ gave its name to our village which has become “Saint-Tropez”. For more than two thousand years we have honored it. And for 460 years, the inhabitants of Saint-Tropez have paid homage to him every year, on May 16, 17 and 18, on the occasion of the celebration of “La Bravade”. During these festivities, the village of Saint-Tropez is adorned with white and red.
In order to pay homage to this story, we have chosen its name, “TORPEZ”, its original name. The colors of our brand are red and white and our emblem inspired by the design of the crown of TORPEZ.

Our village:
the heart of passion

Our wines tell and share the exceptional history of our village of Saint-Tropez, born of nature, the arts and exuberance, also born of the passions of men and women.
Artists, celebrities, villagers and winegrowers have always contemplated, admired and loved the magical landscapes of a small fishing port that has become a brilliant holiday location… TORPEZ wines tell this story and carry with them all the richness of this universe and the love passion for our village of Saint-Tropez.

Our winegrowers:
a century of history

Our cellar founded in 1908 is located in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez. It is animated by generations of winegrowers who love the tropezian universe, beyond fashions and myths. Our Saint-Tropez Vineyard now has over a hundred harvesting owners with around ten nationalities, offering to our Torpez brand an international influence. Carried by the intensity animating our peninsula and the requirement, our wine growers and our oenologists carry out a work of goldsmith and precision to create TORPEZ wines.